Honors Writing about Health and Medicine

Using Social Media in a Health Campaign

Read through the CDC’s Guidelines and Best Practices for using social media tools in a health campaign, paying particular attention to the Social Media Toolkit and Guide to Writing for Social Media. Then post a reply exploring how and why some of these tools and strategies might be applied persuasively in a Choosing Wisely campaign aimed at 40-50-year-olds in the area.


Florida Health Care Coalition

After reading through the Florida Health Care Coalition website and reviewing the objectives of the Choosing Wisely campaign, post your take on how the campaign–or at least some elements of it–could support the Coalition’s mission and work.

Anatomy of a Sample Campaign

Look through the explanation and examples of the Choosing Wisely Employer Toolkit developed by the National Business Coalition on Health. Pay most attention to the materials for employers and employees, including the downloadable toolkit itself. In your response, first a) map or otherwise take an inventory of the various media and texts that this more specific campaign has developed, and then b) assess a couple of sample texts based on the “Ten Tips for Health Marketing and Communication Practitioners” on the CDC health literacy handout I have you in class.

Exploring the Choosing Wisely Campaign: Objectives, Audiences, and Foci

Read through or watch the Choosing Wisely sites listed below and then reply by first a) discussing how these sites represent the campaign’s main objectives and audiences and then, b) brainstorming three more specific area audiences and topics (e.g., diseases, types of tests and procedures) on which our projects might focus.


Lists of Evidence-Based Recommendations

Consumer Health Campaign Materials

Media Gallery Featuring Providers and Patients


Interactive Medical Cases from the New England Journal of Medicine

I was looking around the NEJM website and found these little cases that are structured like games. They give you the patient history and symptoms, and you have to diagnose what the illness is. The cases are written by a team of doctors, so they’re very informative, and they give you feedback as well. Give it a try! http://www.nejm.org/multimedia/interactive-medical-case 

new neutering procedure for dogs

new neutering procedure for dogs

I stumbled upon this article about a new technique for neutering dogs that doesn’t require any surgery! Using a needle filled with a spermicide, male dogs can be rendered infertile in a mess-free procedure and then be out the door in about a half hour. Since anesthesia won’t need to be used and an overnight stay will not be necessary, this will significantly lower the cost for neutering dogs. It’s only been verified for male puppies from 3 months to 10 months, but this definitely looks promising. What do you guys think?

Your Comparative Analysis Posters

Hi class,

I’ve added links to the posters below. Reply with a list or table of the adaptation strategies you noticed across the group.

Angie poster

Elizabeth poster

Harry poster

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Keron poster

Paula Poster

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