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Brainstorming a Slogan



After reading the talking points below and thinking more about your campaign ideas, develop and post a compelling overall slogan/tag line that can apply to all three campaigns along with a couple of related, more specific ones for your target audience.

·      Asking questions/Encouraging Dialogue/Improving care

·      Nurturing the patient-doctor partnership

·      Fostering involvement—doctors with patients and patients with their own healthcare

·      Creating an open doctor-patient dialog for better healthcare

·      Stop interrupting, start listening and encouraging questions for better quality healthcare (provider specific)

·      Listen to the patient’s own story before writing the next chapter (provider specific)

·      Get informed to become a partner in your healthcare decision-making (patient/consumer specific)

·      Inform yourself/Engage yourself/Empower yourself (patient/consumer specific)

·      Communicating with your doctor is the first step in becoming active in your healthcare (patient/consumer specific)

·      The best way to become informed is to ask questions (patient/consumer specific)



  1. sarahmhudak says:

    All three campaigns: Quality Conversations for Quality Healthcare

    Medical Students’ campaign: Healthcare is like a good book; be sure to discuss the story being written.

  2. apectol91 says:

    Quality Healthcare: It’s the Talk of the Town

    Engage & Inform for a Healthier Future

  3. kgardner1130 says:

    Asking Questions. Improving Care
    Involvement. The Key to Quality Healthcare.

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