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Florida Health Care Coalition



After reading through the Florida Health Care Coalition website and reviewing the objectives of the Choosing Wisely campaign, post your take on how the campaign–or at least some elements of it–could support the Coalition’s mission and work.



  1. sarahmhudak says:

    Choosing Wisely’s objectives are to promote communication between healthcare providers and consumers by having both sides prescribing/accepting treatments that are supported by scientific evidence, not having patients take unnecessary tests or other treatments, and making sure the patients are free from harm. From looking at the Florida Health Care Coalition’s website, they clearly would support this campaign. Under the page, “Mission, Values, & Principles,” the FLHCC mentions that they “strive to be…a world class leader in healthcare quality” by requiring providers to use evidence-based medicine, transparency, data, and continuity and requiring purchasers to educate, prevent, collaborate, and focus benefits on values. The FLHCC asks that the consumers take part in their initiatives by taking personal responsibility to engage and be knowledgable about healthcare.

  2. tamarabwi32 says:

    The FHCC has an overarching mission to provide high quality healthcare to its people. Even before you scroll down on their mission statement you can see how a program whose initiative is to make healthcare more efficient and cost effective would contribute to the mission of the FHCC. Furthermore, this quality named in the mission is specified as a stride to provide more evidence based medicine as well as education, engagement and personal responsibility to its consumers. When we think about what we discussed in the analysis of the Choosing Wisely campaign all four of those subjects came up and were agreed upon as components of the goals set aside for choosing wisely. Both programs elect for an environment that gets people involved in the details of their healthcare alongside doctors and professionals, who also need to determine if every medication and test is cost and diagnosis beneficial for the patient.

  3. kprashad says:

    Under the “Our priorities” tab, the Florida Health Care coalition desires to promote healthcare quality through collaboration and education. They rely on committed community partnerships to drive quality improvement while managing the rising cost of health care. Choosing wisely seeks to inform patients about unnecessary tests or treatments as to prevent them from further harm. It also seeks to improve relationships between doctor and patient; both are supposed to work together so that both can be happy but distrust still occurs. From examining both the coalition and campaign, it is evident that both the Florida Health Care and Choosing Wisely seek to accomplish the goal of educating patients so that they are properly prepared to make the right choices when making medical decisions.

  4. apectol91 says:

    As already mentioned, the second statement made by the FHCC on their priorities page is that they work with the community to promote healthcare quality through education and collaboration. This is basically the same objective as the Choosing Wisely campaign. FHCC aims to drive “quality improvement while managing rising costs” similar to the objective of the Choosing Wisely campaign to regulate the high costs of todays healthcare. FHCC adressess issues such as data driven outcomes measures, chronic disease management, patient safety, access for the uninsured, and the adoption of electronic health records. Again, parallels the objectives of the Choosing Wisely campaign. Even searching deeper into the coalition’s mission, value and principle, it is evident that this is a community based approach that advocates communication. For all of these reasons, FHCC’s objectives and values match almost exactly to the Choosing Wisely campaign and support its purpose.

  5. ryanmarracino says:

    The first thing I noticed when looking at the coalition’s website was their priority of getting quality healthcare. When looking at their priorities page I saw they were also focused on patient safety, managing the rising cost of healthcare, and adoption of electronic records. The choosing wisely campaign has many of the same goals and has a way to achieve them by promoting doctor patient communication and evidence based procedures to reduce costs and increase efficiency. The healthcare coalition even mentions the choosing wisely campaign in their projects page as a way to increase quality. After looking at both the FHCC and the choosing wisely campaign it really seems like the coalition’s goals were developed with choosing wisely in mind.

  6. hgmohan says:

    The Florida Healthcare Coalition and Choosing Wisely have many of the same goals: attempting to lower the costs of health care, advocating for an evidence-based medical system, and attempting to bridge the gap between patient and provider. In short, they want to lower costs and improve quality of care, which is exactly what Choosing Wisely wants to do. With two similar-minded groups instead of one, I am sure both groups will be able to help each other.

  7. kgardner1130 says:

    When accessing the coalitions webpage, I was immediately drawn to the priorites tab. The coalition is working to “promote quality healthcare through collaboration and education.” This is very similar to the Choosing Wisely Campaign which seeks to provide health care patients with the education and information to make wise health care choices. The coalition also talks about managing the cost of health care which again aligns with Choosing Wisely. Choosing Wisely is aimed at making lists for patients which help narrow down which tests and procedures are necessary and when. Finally, both organizations want to place a larger emphasis on evidence based medicine when it comes to choosing a health care strategy for each patient.

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