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Polite Dissent: Medical Reviews of House MD



I thought I’d share one of my favorite medical websites. Polite Dissent is run by Dr. Scott, a family physician from Illinois. Ever since House MD aired on TV, he’s been doing medical reviews of each episode. Specifically, he rates how accurate the medicine in the show was by going through each symptom and walking the reader through House’s diagnostic process. He will then comment on how realistic the diagnosis was, whether the methodology used by House’s team was the most efficient, and point out any glaring mistakes. It’s fun to pull up his review while you’re watching a specific episode–it really helps to be able to follow along with the medical aspect of the show.



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  1. igoldfarb says:

    Harry, That is such a cool website. Thank you so much for sharing it. I’m literally a huge House addict and I always wonder when I watch how realistic their diagnostic ideas & tests are and how much it’s dramatized for television. I’ve watched all the seasons but I’m watching seasons 6-8 again.

    Hands down most interesting article..

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