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Questions about Medical Research Writing



What questions do you have about chapters 4, 10, and 11 in Taylor? How does his advice relate to your training so for and/or your expectations about the writing you will do as an advanced student and a professional?



  1. hgmohan says:

    When do medical professionals learn how to write things like grant proposals? Do they actually learn it in medical school, or is it something they have to pick up on their own? If I wanted to write clinical reports one day, would I already have the training to write it down by the time I’m a doctor, or would I have to learn it when the time comes?

  2. sarahmhudak says:

    If you were a healthcare professional, would you be more likely to include a table or a figure in your article? How would this get your point across better?

    What are benefits of writing a grant proposal other than receiving funds? Would all of that writing spark anything new for you?

    Do you think the required IMRAD model is a good standard organizational tool or does it hinder creativity and make clinical reports more mundane than need be?

  3. kgardner1130 says:

    What is your reaction to publishers having the option to give permission to others to use/cite your work?

    What are the pros/cons of using government funding?

    Should more creativity be allowed in clinical reports in an attempt to spark interest?

  4. pmgomezg says:

    How is a researcher writing a grant proposal supposed to come up with accurate budget statements and where would they determine the price for everything in their research project?

    It stated in the reading that much of the salaries and wages of academic faculty doing research was given through outside funding… How would this work? Who would determine how much a certain faculty member should be paid?

  5. ryanmarracino says:

    Just by chance in QBM yesterday’s lecture was almost entirely about grant proposals, so one question I wouls bring up is is it even possible to learn how to write these grant proposals in a school setting, or is the only way by trial and error and actually writing grants?

    Who determines how much money the NIH gets to use to fund grants?

    Here’s a link to a video that explains the grant process and another one that gives tips to grant writers.

  6. tamarabwi32 says:

    Taylor made a comment about using too many tables in medical writing but I would like to know if appendices count and how you can limit tables in big research projects with high volumes of data?

    For me authorship was explained as the main contributor being 1st but also the last author being significant as well. Does it not work that way in the medical field?

  7. apectol91 says:

    For what reasons would you deny the use of your work by others ?

    Do you find it difficult to translate your work from more technical jargon ?

  8. igoldfarb says:

    Are only studies with positive results published or do ones w/ negative ones also get published?

    Is a study’s research ever funded by a specific company who has an interest in the results of the study? If so, are there restrictions on that?

    If a medical student doesn’t take a class like the one we are in now, how do they learn to officially write a grant, article, study. etc..

  9. kprashad says:

    Are Grant Proposals taught in medical school and if they do, is it a required class on its own or do teachers teach it as part of the curriculum? Is learning to write a Grant Proposal necessary for every medical student?.

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